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Welcome to, your Patient Satisfaction Resource
Welcome to MTC
What Does MTC Do?
At MTC we provide the means to identify emerging issues, quantify the source of patient dissatisfaction, convict stakeholders of the need to change and measure the rate of change over time.

Additionally we deliver to our clients actionable, timely, and credible survey results using bullet-proof survey protocols at a remarkably low cost per completed survey - often for half the price of a mailed survey.

  • We are specialists in conducting satisfaction studies and research for medical groups.
  • We provide unsurpassed levels of quality and precision in survey studies.
  • We intelligently employ technology to reduce the cost of patient satisfaction surveys, and with a survey participation rate that is generally double the response rate of competitive mailed surveys.

In short, we greatly simplify the entirety of the survey process for our clients. They have access through our secure website to the most timely and complete survey results in the industry.
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