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Cost effective – We are generally 35-50% less per completed survey than a mailed survey and 50-75% less than most live operator surveys.

Research oriented – With MTC’s Drill Down Technology you can ask additional questions of those who respond with a negative answer about what bothered them. Questions can be quantitative (“Which of the following …) or qualitative (“In your own words, please describe …) Use qualitative questions when you aren’t sure what issues your patients are facing, then switch to a quantitative analysis to identify how often each issue is creating dissatisfaction and base process changes on facts.

Open-ended – Recordings are made of qualitative or “open ended” questions. These recordings are available through our secure Web Transcription Service for your staff to listen, transcribe and categorize at their desktop. Or you can hire MTC to do it for you. Either way, the detailed reports of patient responses to open-ended questions are produced at no charge.

Accepted – Our participation rates far exceed mailed surveys. Senior citizens response rates are among the highest.
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