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The Survey Process
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The Survey Process
Patients are first contacted by phone between 10 AM and 8:30 PM local time. Then our operators ask to speak to the patient, and when we do, we state that we are following up on their visit on __________ with Dr. ________ from _____ Medical Group.

If they do not remember the visit or are not sure, we do not allow them to complete the survey. If it is a minor or child, we ask to speak to the parent or guardian who accompanied the child on the visit. We do not allow a survey by a parent or guardian who did not accompany the child.

With the patient approval, we transfer them to the Interactive Voice Response and it immediately begins the survey. The survey begins with instructions and then proceeds through the survey questions and answers.

Where appropriate, an answer option is included for “Does not apply.” This helps reduce irrelevant answers from patients who did not experience the matter being surveyed by the question. A patient has the option of backing up a question and changing their answer or repeating the question on demand. As an option they can press “0” and be connected to our operators.

You select the completed survey goal for each provider. Typically, our clients set between 3-10 completed surveys per month per provider.
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