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Welcome to, your Patient Satisfaction Resource
Welcome to MTC
How Good Should Your Sample Controls Be?
Same providers – same patients – before/after switching to MTC:

Before: Missed 96% of survey goals (44 completes per provider)
Before: 62% of providers over sampled
Before: 34% of providers under sampled (below minimum threshold for reporting)
Before: 49% of the individual surveys collected were waste – over or under sampled/no report
Before: Their vendor reported a 28% overall response rate. (The actual useful response rate after eliminating waste was 14%)
After: 97.3% hit exactly their completed survey goal.
After: 0.01% wasted surveys
After: The USEFUL SURVEY participation rate was 45.2%

Which survey do you think physicians would find credible, compelling and convicting?

Now you can see why this client switched from one of the largest mailed survey vendors to MTC – and has renewed their contract.

They are getting twice as many surveys for the same cost.
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