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Mailed Surveys and Provider Goals
Overall survey response rates are meaningless.
  • Over sampling doctors does not significantly add to the survey validity.
  • Under sampling doctors does detract from the survey validity
  • Overall response rates average under sampled and over sampled providers – a completely meaningless statistic
  • Often the “overall response rate” is the only mailed survey control statistic people remember
  • For a credible survey, the question should be “How many providers did we receive exactly the targeted survey goal?”
  • Most mailed surveys MISS the exact survey target 96% of the time
Over and under sampling waste is often 49% of the survey collection cost.

Put another way, because mailed surveys over and under sample providers 96% of the time, almost half of the surveys are really wasted responses. Internal and outsourced survey vendors escape accountability for their poor quality and accuracy of meeting survey targets by averaging the over and under sampled population.

Internal attempts to justify missing the target 96% of the time by over and under sampling of the time will eventually be recognized by physicians – creating doubt about the survey results.
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