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Myths About Quality...
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Myths About Quality...
“The quality of data from a survey program with 15% response rate is not really different from a survey program with a 25% or a 40% response rate...”

Nobody would really think that, could they?

Those who use low response rate data in their national normative database are saying it is a good research practice to compare low response facilities with others. This is something even the government wouldn't allow.

MTC does not allow physician data with less than a 30% participation rate or inadequate sample size into the MTC Normative Benchmarking Database. We estimate that 77% of normative data in mailed survey provider level benchmark reports have less than a 30% response rate.

Most normative database vendors allow both high and low response rate survey data into their benchmarking databases. If your facility has a high quality response rate and you are compared with low response rate surveys, one of you will be penalized.

MTC does not do this.

HCAHPS, CAHPS and California’s Pay for Performance also eliminate facilities with inadequate response rates and/or low sample size.

Does your vendor really follow the best business practices?
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