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Welcome to, your Patient Satisfaction Resource
Welcome to MTC
Why Switch to MTC?
  • Our survey data is more complete, accurate, credible and reliable than traditional mailed surveys.
  • Our participation rate is generally two-three times the response rate of a mailed survey.
  • We are typically half the cost of a comparable mailed or telephone survey.

Additionally, we offer superior analytical tools that include:
  • “Drill Down Questions” that explore and quantify negative patient experiences.
  • Digital recordings of actual patient comments for qualitative research.
  • Web transcription services for categorizing and reporting of open-ended qualitative questions.

Our clients are better equipped for service recovery efforts through our “Red Alert” instant reporting (with the patient’s permission) of significantly negative experiences.

Clients can compare their facility, specialties, locations and individual providers against others via our Web-based National Normative Database System.

Complimenting this is a bullet-proof survey methodology that reduces or eliminates complaints by physicians and employees about allocations of bonus payments/profit sharing created by inferior patient satisfaction survey methodologies.
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