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Drill Down Questions
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Drill Down Questions
“Drill Down” questions help you get to the bottom of what bothers your patients. When you really want to know why a patient said they were dissatisfied, their negative response can trigger one or more questions that hone in on the problem they experienced.

Our clients appreciate that they can use both quantitative (“Press 1 if you experienced …”) or qualitative (“Please explain the nature of the problem you experienced with …”) questions. This permits them both to explore the potential range of emerging issues and identify the frequency of those problems.

This type of intelligent branching of the survey maximizes the information critical to your change management efforts without troubling those patients who don’t experience a problem and so are not asked about the detail of their experience.

Drill Down questions can also be linked to our “Red Alert” feature where the patient can request your staff to contact them. This immediate notification with detailed information facilitates service recovery efforts.
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