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Managing Your Survey Data
Whether you are presently doing surveys in-house or outsourcing your survey work, controlling who is surveyed and how many times is important. At best, a mailed survey can only control how many times a household is sent a survey. MTC does that and much more - including the best controls for senior citizen survey response bias.

MTC manages all the survey process for our clients.
They send us their visit data - we handle all the deduplicating of household visits and we make sure a household that has completed a survey is not surveyed again for the agreed upon period of time.

MTC uses 'Demographic Surveying' at the provider level to control survey bias.
We calculate the percentage of visits for each age and gender band and set matching individual age/gender band goals for each provider.

MTC surveys are far more representative of the actual visit age and gender grouping.
Mailed surveys have way too many seniors responding, skewing the results. MTC controls who is surveyed at the doctor level. This means we control the percentage of our calls for each age group and gender to reflect each individual provider's visit demographics. MTC can do far more to match the age and gender breakdown of each individual provider than any mailed survey. This level of precision and control means the survey sample is more likely to accurately represent the visit population.
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