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Management and Technology Consultants, LLC was formed in 1995. The patient satisfaction surveys it conducts are used by thousands of physicians to measure the quality of service and as an integral tool in promoting and sustaining positive behavior change among the physicians and their staffs.

Having an exceptional assessment tool is an excellent foundation for the consulting expertise that MTC offers clients. Drawing from more than 20 years of experience, MTC’s consultants help evaluate the data collected, develop leadership strategies, implementation plans and the management systems to create buy-in, insure progress continues and that the new behaviors are sustained. Whether the client need is to augment existing competencies or have a larger involvement, MTC can help clients quickly develop the competencies to move from low scores to high patient satisfaction scores.

MTC has developed the core survey technology with their in-house programming staff. We offer integrated surveys that include our Hybrid Survey Protocol (live operator & IVR), live operator, inbound IVR, mail, mixed mode, email, kiosk and Web surveys. All the surveys share a common survey management database and real time reporting. All survey operations are done fully in-house - no subcontracting required.

The Hybrid Survey Protocol is among the most cost effective methods of quantitative survey collection. It uses live operators to contact the patients, verify they remember the visit and then when the patient agrees to take the survey, they are transferred into an Interactive Voice Response system that surveys them and collects their answers. This eliminates bias that can be introduced with a live operator survey and every respondent hears the same question voiced in exactly the same way.

Other innovative technologies immediately alert clients when someone is very dissatisfied and delivers the survey details and even patient-recorded comments via secure Web technologies.
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