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CAHPS Surveys

MTC is an Approved CAHPS Vendor: MTC is an NCQA approved vendor for CAHPS-PQRS, CAHPS-PCMH, OAS-CAHPS and HCAHPS. MTC anticipates being approved for MIPS-CAHPS in 2017. There is no vendor approval or certification for CG-CAHPS surveys right now.

As part of its services, MTC handles all data submission requirements. Also offered is online access to the full suite of MTC Web-based Reporting System at no extra charge. Clients can see in real time their current survey responses and compare them to previous survey periods. MTC also incorporates all CAHPS benchmarking data into the MTC Normative Benchmarking Database.

MTC offers CAHPS standardized survey methods, as appropriate for each survey, including live operator telephone, mail, mixed mode and active IVR. For those who want to do additional CAHPS surveys but not for formal reporting, MTC also offers email/Web surveying for our MTC CAHPS Readiness Services.

If you would like to begin using one of the CAHPS surveys or some of the core CAHPS questions in your surveying, MTC can help you get started. For those surveying. Contact us by email at or by phone 800-295-9681.
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